What is life?

What is life? Let’s be straightforward. According to dictionary definition, it’s

the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

Okay. Okay, too many words. Forget about it. What are we? Why are there so many people with different races and backgrounds? Why do people look different? I was thinking what life truly was.

Some people are born lucky; they live in luxurious mansions and own huge businesses. Most people are commoners with average income. Others live in poverty. Within these range, not all commoners have not-so-good life. They get into bad accidents and get injured. Some are handicapped forever while others get cured quickly or over long interval. Some even lose their lives.

Being hospitalized does not always result from accidents; the reason can be genetics or bad mutation of DNA. I’ve seen a few people with genetic disorders or unknown diseases. Among them, many people fight off their ‘enemies’ to life in this world. Not many people give up, in my opinion. Some come across the best outcome possible, which is getting discharged from the hospital and normal lifestyle that is not disturbed by malicious genes. Some face the worst outcome.

I’ve also seen some average people who have enough money to go to academies, for example. They can attend music schools and private academic classes. Some do not have money to the point that they save every penny they earn from work. A few are just straight up homeless.

Meanwhile, many people are born with everything that humans could hardly achieve: looks, money, family, personality, brain, and talent. Of course, it’s true that one of these should be missing for the sake of fairness in this world. But I should say there are people with everything, but just not to an extreme degree. For example, many people look attractive, talented, and are smart. They have great families with substantial amount of income. However, they are not THAT rich compared to millionaires, or they are not THAT smart like Einstein. Sadly, many people do not have everything. To be straightforward, some are born to be criminals or losers while some are born to be celebs or business CEOs. Life is a gamble, to simply put.

I was thinking about life much that I believed perfect people were the afterlives of poor people. If I see a really good guy who has everything, I say to myself, “He must’ve been a missionary in the past life.” And then, I continue, “If he does something bad in his life, I’m sure he will reborn the exact opposite of him.” Yea, call me weird. I know I’m weird.

I also think that life is not fair. However, what I know is I do not hate my life. Even if there are flaws, just accept it. If you accept it and advance to your future, then you will be proud of yourself. Have you realized? Life is about feeling proud of your accomplishments.

Well, at least to me, yeah. :)


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