Help me…I’m suffering from Chrono Syndrome!!!


Chrono Syndrome: When you finish reading the manga or anime of Chrono Crusade, you feel depressed to an extreme degree that you only think of it at a consistent rate (especially the ending part). You feel like  your heart is pressed hard by something heavy. You seriously can’t help but keep remembering it. And you are depressed at the fact that you can’t get rid of Chrono thoughts.

Help me…I’m suffering from Chrono Syndrome!!!!

Seriously, I am…

Ok, I came across Chrono Crusade when I was searching an anime song and realized that long time ago, I watched the anime version of this and pretty muck liked it. Since I knew that the manga came out, I decided to read the manga version too on Saturday.

I happened to read the whole chapters in Volume 8 online and when I read the Epilogue chapter, tears rolled down my cheek.

NOOOOOOOO CHRONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously don’t get why the author made the ending like this. What the hell? At least show me how Chrono and Rosette died…maybe holding their hands together in the anime…TTTTTTTT

If I were the author, I would’ve drawn Rosette dying in Chrono’s arms…

Seriously the ending is TRAGIC CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

After I’m finished with reading..I am consistently thinking of that manga….

Especially the sad KISSING scene TTTTTTTTTTTT

Today is Monday in my time (EST),  and as soon as I came back from school I think of it again…and want to cry!!!

It feels as if a rock is sitting on my heart…NO JOKE…

…..I’m facing a minor writer’s block…so  I’m reading other fanfics in anime fandoms like Cruno Crusade and Naruto.

But I will be back shortly and start uploading chapters rapidly next week, which is a week break for me XD

So my question is,

Does anyone know how to cure this Chrono Syndrome?